GOTM Singlet Review: Compound Wrestling

Check out our first singlet review! We’re really excited about reviewing girls cut singlets from different companies. We really wanted to show other girls out there what their options were and that there actually were options! The fact that there are actually  singlets being made specifically for girls is amazing. We still have a long way to go, but this is definitely a step in the right direction. As excited we are about the singlets, we are even more excited that there are so many companies getting involved and supporting girls wrestling.

We wanted to follow up with a written review as well, to touch on some things we maybe didn’t mention in the video (I mean, this was our first video).

DESIGN: The first thing you notice when you see a singlet is obviously the design and we LOVED this one. Just slipping into this singlet made you feel like you were destined for Olympic gold.

MATERIAL: The material is high quality, smooth and stretchy, without compromising the design.

CRAFTSMANSHIP: One thing we didn’t mention that’s at the top of our list is the craftsmanship. The construction of this singlet was on point. The seems from each piece of material lined up perfectly. The design also lined up at every seem.

CUT: The cut was great, with a tad higher neckline for added modesty. The leg length hit about mid thigh.

BONUS: The bra liner was a nice touch and not something you see on a lot of girls singlets. We are all for added discreetness. Another feature we liked was the elastic leg band that was completely covered in material, making it extra comfortable.

SIZING: Here’s where we fell in the sizing; Alicia (12) at 78 lbs was an AXS, Anabelle (10) at 68lbs was a YL and Cookie (8) at 58lbs was a YM

We would definitely order singlets from Compound Wrestling! Head over to the site and check them out! Compound Wrestling





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