Vector Wrestling Camp Review

The girls had the opportunity to participate in the Vector Wrestling Camp last June and had a blast! In this video, they will tell you a little bit about the camp and what they liked about it.


Vector Wrestling puts together a couple camps in the summer…one in CAlifornia and one in Utah. They are typically held over the course of four days from 8:00-4:00. The days unfold with warm ups, technique sessions, live wrestling, games and Q&A with the clinicians. What sets this camp apart from others is the prestigious athletes that teach at the camp. We were lucky enough to have Bo Nickal, Kyle Dake, Bryce Meredith and Jordan Burroughs last summer!

Here’s the line up for California this year:

  • David Taylor – 2018 World Champion, 3x U.S. Open Champion, 2x NCAA Champion (Penn State).
  • Coleman Scott – Head Coach (University of North Carolina), Olympic Bronze Medalist, NCAA Champion (Oklahoma State).
  • Anthony Cassar – 2019 NCAA Champion (Penn State), Junior World Team Member, New Jersey HS State Champion.
  • Tyler Berger – 2019 NCAA Finalist, 3x NCAA All-American (Nebraska), 4x Oregon HS State Champion.

Here’s the line up for Utah this year:

  • Jordan Burroughs – 5x World/Olympic Champion, 7x World/Olympic Medalist, 2x NCAA Champion (Nebraska).
  • Tervel Dlagnev – 2x World Medalist, 2x Olympian, Head Coach (Ohio RTC), Assistant Coach (The Ohio State University).
  • Anthony Ashnault – 2019 NCAA Champion (Rutgers), 4x NCAA All-American, 4x New Jersey HS State Champion.
  • Bryan Snyder – Associate Head Coach (University of Nebraska), 4x NCAA All-American (Nebraska).

My girls really had a great time last summer and we’d recommend it to wrestlers of all ages and levels. The one thing they would like to see is more girls! You know we are not ones to sit by and not do something about that though! We are trying to get a group of girls to infiltrate the camp this year and we’ve already suggested implementing an all girls camp next year!

If you are interested in attending the camp this summer, DO NOT WAIT to register. It sells out every summer and you do not want to miss it! Visit Vector Wrestling to register today!

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