Cebu City Wrestles

Wrestling gear for the Philippines!

The Serratos sisters just caught wind of Alexandria Glaude’s recent trip to Cebu City in the Philippines, where she saw first hand the dedication of their athletes and that there was a need. They were so impressed to see her using her platform for good and want to help! So, they are helping Alexandria collect gently used wrestling shoes, gear, knee pads, singlets, gear bags, heck even wrestling mats! We’d love for more teams to join us!

They’ll be collecting every Sunday at Grappler’s Studio. 23561 Ridge Route Laguna Hills from 12:00-1:00. You can also contact Monica with Girl on the Mat to arrange pick up or if you have questions. 714.651.9769

Steve Harvey and Cookie

A few weeks ago Cookie had the opportunity to head down to LA and be on the Steve Harvey Show! 

We had no idea what we were in store for, but it was such a fun experience! Talk about a first class experience… We arrived at 9:00 and were greeted by Steve’s amazing staff. They made sure we were all comfortable and Cookie got the royal treatment with hair and makeup. Mom, Dad and even Cookie’s Wrestling Coach, Anthony were all in attendance. We got to see a lot of segments being filmed and they had everyone busting up as we watched. Cookie went on for her short segment and did an amazing job at representing for all the young girls stepping on the mat everyday. 

It’s important to remember each of these opportunities is a great opportunity to shed light on this amazing sport and break down the barriers for the next group of young girls who may step on the mat. We are so proud not only of Cookie, but every girl who is brave enough to venture into wrestling and pave the way for the next generation. 

Vector Wrestling Camp Review

The girls had the opportunity to participate in the Vector Wrestling Camp last June and had a blast! In this video, they will tell you a little bit about the camp and what they liked about it.


Vector Wrestling puts together a couple camps in the summer…one in CAlifornia and one in Utah. They are typically held over the course of four days from 8:00-4:00. The days unfold with warm ups, technique sessions, live wrestling, games and Q&A with the clinicians. What sets this camp apart from others is the prestigious athletes that teach at the camp. We were lucky enough to have Bo Nickal, Kyle Dake, Bryce Meredith and Jordan Burroughs last summer!

Here’s the line up for California this year:

  • David Taylor – 2018 World Champion, 3x U.S. Open Champion, 2x NCAA Champion (Penn State).
  • Coleman Scott – Head Coach (University of North Carolina), Olympic Bronze Medalist, NCAA Champion (Oklahoma State).
  • Anthony Cassar – 2019 NCAA Champion (Penn State), Junior World Team Member, New Jersey HS State Champion.
  • Tyler Berger – 2019 NCAA Finalist, 3x NCAA All-American (Nebraska), 4x Oregon HS State Champion.

Here’s the line up for Utah this year:

  • Jordan Burroughs – 5x World/Olympic Champion, 7x World/Olympic Medalist, 2x NCAA Champion (Nebraska).
  • Tervel Dlagnev – 2x World Medalist, 2x Olympian, Head Coach (Ohio RTC), Assistant Coach (The Ohio State University).
  • Anthony Ashnault – 2019 NCAA Champion (Rutgers), 4x NCAA All-American, 4x New Jersey HS State Champion.
  • Bryan Snyder – Associate Head Coach (University of Nebraska), 4x NCAA All-American (Nebraska).

My girls really had a great time last summer and we’d recommend it to wrestlers of all ages and levels. The one thing they would like to see is more girls! You know we are not ones to sit by and not do something about that though! We are trying to get a group of girls to infiltrate the camp this year and we’ve already suggested implementing an all girls camp next year!

If you are interested in attending the camp this summer, DO NOT WAIT to register. It sells out every summer and you do not want to miss it! Visit Vector Wrestling to register today!

Title IX

It’s out there and it NEEDS to be addressed.

I am a wrestler, I am a girl, and I’ve experienced it.

This is a notion that all too many of us female wrestlers can probably relate to. We shouldn’t. It comes in so many different forms, at different times and with different executioners. Wrestling is a very physical, hands on sport and WE need to be informed of when lines are being crossed, what to do when it happens and how to proceed after it happens.

Title IX – “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.”

Chances are, if it feels wrong, it probably is. . . and you have the RIGHT to take a stand.

If you are being denied a spot on the boys team because you are a girl, Title IX. If you are being singled out and mistreated because you are a girl, Title IX. If you aren’t allowed to travel with the team because you are a girl, Title IX. Harassment by teammates, because you are a girl, Title IX. Derogatory or sexist remarks because you are a girl, Title IX.

The bottom line is you are a wrestler, you are a girl, you belong on the mat . . .  and so do the girls that will follow.

Please visit our Title IX page for more information and advocates.


GOTM Singlet Review: My House

Here’s singlet review #2 featuring My House! For those of you new to GOTM, we’re slowly beginning to review girls cut singlets from different companies. You can see our first review here. We really wanted to show other girls out there what their options were and that there actually were options! We are excited that there are so many companies getting involved, creating gear for females and supporting girls wrestling.

This review highlights My House youth cut and adult female cut singlets. But first, let’s talk about My House as a company. We LOVE that they are supporting girls wrestling and providing options for us to perform at our best. Not only are they providing girls cut singlets, they’re pioneering a different to give us what we really want. Their signature racerback cut is game changing and something we think would work for a lot of girls. Not only are they offering girls cut singlets, but they are also carrying girls cut shorts, T-shirts, compression shirts, hoodies and leggings. How awesome to have a one stop shop for us girls! We’re really looking forward to what they may offer in the future and the role they will play in helping to grow the sport of women’s wrestling.

DESIGN: When we saw this fun singlet design we loved the creativity and humor behind it. We knew we had to get them for our Holiday cards…they didn’t disappoint!

MATERIAL: The material is high quality, smooth and stretchy, without compromising the design.

CRAFTSMANSHIP: The construction of this singlet was very high quality. The seems from each piece of material lined up perfectly. The design also lined up at every seem making the design flawless.

CUT: As we mentioned before, the cut on this was awesome. We loved the racerback. My girls are constantly having to tape the back of their singlets, but not with this racerback cut. We noticed that specific cut was only available in the adult sizes, but we are hearing they are working on gear for youth girls….maybe we’ll see some singlets mixed in with that!  The leg length was about mid thigh and comfortable when pulled up higher.

BONUS: Leg band and sizing information! Our girls are a fan of the leg band being fully covered in lycra. The sizing info that is sublimated right onto the leg was great…we knew it would wash out over time and made it easy to find amongst other sizes.

SIZING: Here’s where we fell in the sizing; Alicia (12) at 80 lbs was an AXXS, Anabelle (11) at 65bs was a YM and Cookie (9) at 57lbs was a YS

We would definitely order singlets from My House! Head over to the site and check them out!

GOTM Singlet Review: Compound Wrestling

Check out our first singlet review! We’re really excited about reviewing girls cut singlets from different companies. We really wanted to show other girls out there what their options were and that there actually were options! The fact that there are actually  singlets being made specifically for girls is amazing. We still have a long way to go, but this is definitely a step in the right direction. As excited we are about the singlets, we are even more excited that there are so many companies getting involved and supporting girls wrestling.

We wanted to follow up with a written review as well, to touch on some things we maybe didn’t mention in the video (I mean, this was our first video).

DESIGN: The first thing you notice when you see a singlet is obviously the design and we LOVED this one. Just slipping into this singlet made you feel like you were destined for Olympic gold.

MATERIAL: The material is high quality, smooth and stretchy, without compromising the design.

CRAFTSMANSHIP: One thing we didn’t mention that’s at the top of our list is the craftsmanship. The construction of this singlet was on point. The seems from each piece of material lined up perfectly. The design also lined up at every seem.

CUT: The cut was great, with a tad higher neckline for added modesty. The leg length hit about mid thigh.

BONUS: The bra liner was a nice touch and not something you see on a lot of girls singlets. We are all for added discreetness. Another feature we liked was the elastic leg band that was completely covered in material, making it extra comfortable.

SIZING: Here’s where we fell in the sizing; Alicia (12) at 78 lbs was an AXS, Anabelle (10) at 68lbs was a YL and Cookie (8) at 58lbs was a YM

We would definitely order singlets from Compound Wrestling! Head over to the site and check them out! Compound Wrestling





Girl on the Mat fundraiser

Help Girl on the Mat officially become a nonprofit!

We are one form away from acquiring our nonprofit status! Because we are a small start up and not backed by a big corporation, we are having to pay out of pocket for all the forms, filings and entire set up. So far, we’ve been able to manage with the smaller fees, but now we have a big one. We need to raise $600 for the final form to officially become a nonprofit. We simply cannot do it alone.

We are reaching out to our wrestling family, our community and our supporters to help us make it official. We appreciate any contribution in helping us reach our goal! You can also stay up to date on what we are doing by subscribing to our newsletter!



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